Landline telephony for individuals

24 Feb 2016

Talk when and as much as you want from your land line.

Choose the plan that more adapt to your needs and talk when you want, we don't have time zones, the service is 24 hours at the same price.

You don't need telephonic line.

Our telephonic service isn't fixed to the physic landline of copper pair, so you can have phone although isn't a previous telephonic line installation in your house. You only need an internet connexion, but don't worry, it isn't necessary change the phone, we adapted, installed and at the moment you can call.

Without additional cost.

We process free the portability of the number, so you conserve the same. Also, we don't have call establishment and our billing is per second.

Save until an 80% with all the advantages.

Contact us and we surprise you with our packages and bonds.

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