Rural Internet

24 Feb 2016

With NAVEGATEL you'll have the best internet connexion, wherever you are.

In NAVEGATEL, all our diary effort is oriented to offer an access to internet services in all that places that, for geographic reasons, doesn't enjoy the same services and infrastructures that in the centre of the city. With our rural internet you can 've:

From 2 to 20 MB of download, according to the plan you choose.

Thanks to the NAVEGATEL's Wimax network you can enjoy a symmetric connexion up to 20 MB (with the same upload speed that of download) that warranty the best benefits, with more speed that much of the available offer of ADSL.

100% converage in the zone.

Yes. We can give you internet connexion wherever you want. We provide our services of rural internet in all the province of Alicante, or in towns like Santa Pola or Orihuela. We're heavily implanted in Elche, where we give service in all the rural departures: Arenales del Sol, Algoda, Algorós, Altabix, El Altet, Alzabares Alto y Bajo, Asprillas, Balsares, Las Bayas, Carrús, Daimés, El Derramador, El Ferriol, La Hoya, Jubalcoy, Maitino, La Marina, Matola, Perleta, El Llano de San José, Peña de las Águilas, Pusol, Saladas, Santa Ana, Torrellano, Vallongas, Valverde, La Hoya, Las Bayas, Matola, El Altet or Valverde.

Free subscription. Installation in less of 24 hours.

In a time limit of 24 hour from you've sign the contract, you can enjoy your internet connexion. Depending the promotion you choose the subscription can be free.

You don't need telephone line.

NAVEGATEL's WiMax service isn't fixed to the physic line of copper pair, you can have it although without previous installation of telephonic line in your home.

WiMax connexion, warranty of quality.

WiMax is thought-out for construct a network infrastructure when the environment or the distances aren't favourable for a cable network. Is a faster and cheaper alternative that install cables.

This is why Wimax offer speed connexions similar, or bigger, than ADSL or cable-modem, without installing cables, which converts in the best alternative for rural zones connexion.

Technic Service all the days of the year.

Our technic service is available all the days in the year to solution, in record time, any problem or eventuality the connexion has.

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