Frequently asked questions

Where I live the internet doesn’t arrive. Can I have it with Navegatel?

Of course yes. Navegatel's technology is preset to provide service in rural areas.

Will the call plans be competitive?

The tariffs applied with Navegatel are totally competitive with other providers in the market. In addition, as a special service, phone calls between Navegatel WiMAX customers are free.

Are connections over WiMAX secure?

The WiMAX equipment used by Navegatel to provide service both supports WEP and AES security modes, each one with different passwords. There are high-level security systems for both internet browsing and phone calls.

Who provides me the equipment?

The equipment is carried to you, during the time you're client. Once you no longer want to use the service, Navegatel would collect the equipment installed on the customer's house to make the definitive cessation.

How can I order the Navegatel WiMAX service?

You can order for Navegatel WiMAX service through our customer service (902 63 63 74) or by e-mail info@gruponavegatel.com and we will get in touch with you.

For what type of client is Navegatel WiMAX service interesting?

Navegatel's WiMAX service is for all the customers who want it, both residential or companies.

Which requirements do I need to be able to navigate with Navegatel’s WiMAX service?

To be able to surf the internet using Navegatel's WiMAX service, you only need a computer or laptop with this minimum requirement:
a.Interfax Ethernet with rj45 connector
b.TCP/IP protocol

I can use a machine with other operative system to windows?

There are no limits on operative systems in the market. Each operating system can use Ethernet connections and TCP/IP protocol works with Navegatel`s WiMAX service.

What is the difference between WiMAX, Wi-Fi, DSL, etc.?

DSL service uses the traditional cable (copper pair), that is limited with a maximum distance of 4 km and has an asynchronous data rate structure; Wi-Fi and WiMAX transmit data through microwave. Wi-Fi (working on 2.4ghz frequency) is able to cover up to 200 – 400 meters over the air, while WiMAX (working with 3.5 Ghz and 5.x Ghz frequency) has been developed and designed to cover long distances until 30-50 km. WiMAX, as compared to Wi-Fi, offers Qos quality of service, and for this reason this technology is predetermined to offer high quality broadband internet and synchronous speeds (same upload and download speed), high quality telephonic service. Even so, WiMAX never will be a substitute for DSL or cable services, but is a good alternative, perhaps with features and quality of service that traditional cooper cable service.

Can I connect my videogame system to the internet and play online?

Yes, of course. All our connections are fully compatible with any current game console, ps3, Xbox, Wii...

I only have my desktop computer at home. Do I need to by a router?

No. Our technician will directly connect the cable coming from the receiving antenna to your equipment. The router is only necessary if you need to connect a laptop by Wi-Fi or if you have several equipment at home.

I’m interested in hiring your services, when will I have it installed in my home?

Right away. We don't want to make you wait, so that within 24 hours of signing the contract you can enjoy your internet access.

Can I use WiMAX if I don’t have landline?

As the WiMAX service is not fixed to a physical copper pair line, it can be used even if there's no previous telephone installation in your home.

What can the WiMAX system provide me?

The WiMAX service offered by Navegatel can offer both broadband internet (starting with 256kbps in download and upload) and telephony services. Also video transmission services, video on demand (WiMAX is also specially designed to be able to support high quality video as a basic technological aspect), surveillance and security applications and everything that could be connected to a data network; regardless of cables.

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